Services and procedures

Sourcing, design and development for your label or brand, across ladies, Men’s & childrenswear

Across: knits, woven, activewear, tops, pants, dresses, shorts, price pointed & high-end fashion, beading, lace, embroidery & cut out work.

  • Delivering premium garments that can’t be replicated in the marketplace.
  • Speed to market, efficient production and delivery implementation.
  • We will take care of all the production and communicate with you all the way.
  • Follow the concept brief and ensure the vision you require.
  • Fashion forecasting, story / design boards, mood boards, fashion prints, for inspiration, and creativity.
  • Using factories certified with a current (International ethical standards reports)


Guaranteed high quality standards and ethically sourced factories

LDG sources all products from our carefully selected network of manufacturers who offer high quality standards and quick turnaround. All factories have ethical certification that meet Australian standards and regular audits are implemented throughout the year. Our factories have state of the art cutting edge machinery, technology and deliver superior finishes on time, all under the direction and high standards of Lux Design Group. We have built strong business relationships with our factories over many years.

We have flexible terms with order quantities and we will work with your garment requirements.  Full stage inspections are undertaken during the production process. Our guarantee to you is the finished products are of superior quality and ethically manufactured.  To Find out more call us today





Why a fashion strategy session is so important?

A small investment that will deliver
tremendous benefits

You have your vision, some experience and the funding needed to launch your label…but are you truly prepared to be a success?

Any successful business person will tell you that strategic brand identity, strategy and planning your marketing is critically important.

A Strategy provides direction, gives you the ability to measure your business objectives, evaluate progress and build a roadmap to move forward.

Affordably priced at just $299 for  ( 1.30 mins ) we will schedule your one on one meeting with an industry consultant.

Be sure to book early as our consultants are in high demand.

Call us now on 03 9826-3517


Plan carefully and avoid costly mistakes

Unfortunately, many people fail to plan. If you’re currently working with limited knowledge and guidance, starting a fashion label is a scary and harrowing experience. To be great, you will need to understand and manage the following:

Design / Development | Branding | Logistics | Production | Sourcing Materials | Creating Samples | Developing a Website | Manufacturing | Speed to Market | Tech Packs | Accounting Practices | And more…

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