We are more than a brand development provider; we are your partner in growth.

Position your business for success and let us take care of all the heavy lifting,  Every step throughout the development & production process is executed to the highest level, You just need provide our team with your design brief and we will work with you to ensure your beautiful items come to fruition.

Industry insights

Fashion & brand forecasting, story / design boards, mood boards, fashion prints, for inspiration, and creativity.

Design & development

Design & development

Utilising our team of experts and services, saving you time, money & resources.

Premium quality

Delivering premium garments that can’t be replicated in the marketplace.

Certified ethical guarantee

Using factories certified with a current (International ethical standards reports)

Large & small runs

MOQs, we can assist with smaller quantities and have the capabilities of development of larger volumes, no order to large.

Fast turnaround

Speed to market, efficient production and delivery implementation.

A wide range of products

We can design & develop all types of fashion garments, uniforms and accessories for whatever your industry or need.

A wide range of products
A wide range of products



Guaranteed high quality standards and ethically sourced onshore & offshore factories

We have built strong business relationships with our factories over many years and have wonderful factories spanning across the globe. We source all our products from a network of factories with ethical certification that meet Australian standards, we are also ECA accredited for Australian made apparel with all off shore factories will have current and up to date ethical certification.  It is very important to Lux that our factories we partner with are Audited on a regular basis to meet the highest ethical standards and that is why we are so selective to have the best in class. Not only are our customers receiving wonderful product but also knowing that they have been made ethically and tested to the highest of standards ensuring the safely to our customers and the environment, that is why we have very strong processes in place, understanding where and how your products are developed is paramount to us and to your success.

If you are seeking a highly professional organisation to take care of your Uniform needs & requirements we service the below categories, please contact our team today.

  • Emergency Services 
  • Heath Care
  • Industrial 
  • Airlines 
  • Defence 
  • Financial & Professional Services 
  • Local Government
  • Hospitality & Food Services 
  • Retail 






strategy session or logo & brand design we have you covered

A small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits

You have your vision and some ideas of your brand but you still feel stuck on the next steps... are you truly prepared to be a success?

Any successful business person starting a brand will tell you that strategic brand identity, strategy and planning your marketing is critically important to minimize risk as much as possible.

A Strategy provides direction, gives you the ability to measure your business objectives, evaluate progress and build a road map to move forward in the best way possible.

We have provided this special service to help people just like you. Affordably priced at just $599.00 for  ( 90 mins ) we will schedule your one on one meeting with an industry consultant - click here to purchase.

Please visit our contact us page to fill in your details or call us on 03 9826-3517.


Logo & Brand Design

Lets bring your logo and branding to life,  We understand what it takes in designing and applying the touch points needed for your brand so it is aligned with your USP and customer in mind to be a success.  We will work with you and your brief and cover logo design, graphics and branding implementation.

Our team understand that having a winning logo and design is paramount to the future success of your brand, how will the consumer view your brand from the first moment they see it, what is the story behind your brand ?, we want this to be a positive experience so your ideal customer feels an immediate connection with what your brand stands for, we will get this message across.

Please send your information to our team via our contact us page and we will work out a cost effective plan for you.


Plan carefully and avoid costly mistakes

Unfortunately, many people fail to plan. If you’re currently working with limited knowledge and guidance, starting a fashion label can be a scary and harrowing experience. To be great, you will need to understand and manage the following:

Design / Development | Production | Tech Packs | Sourcing Materials  | Creating Samples | Manufacturing  | Logistics |  Speed to Market | And more…

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