Attention entrepreneurs: launch your fashion company with the help of an australian wholesale clothing supplier and distribution company

Do you have dreams of launching a new clothing or apparel company, of carving out a unique niche for yourself in the crowded and ever-changing fashion industry? If so, the chances are that you already have a handful of design concepts—and perhaps even prototype samples—of the type of clothes you are hoping to sell. Before you can start selling or pitching your designs to stores and retailers, though, you need to find and partner with a company that offers Australian wholesale clothing distribution assist you from start to finish across your all your requirements.


Indeed, for any entrepreneurial clothing company, finding a manufacturer is nearly as important to finding success as great designs. First of all, while you might have been able to put together some samples of your designs, you probably are not going to be able to do that on any commercial level. Secondly, when you pitch new designs or clothing lines to stores, you need to show them products that you can replicate and maintain very high standards of craftsmanship. As a result, standards must be very high for the consumer: you need factory-made samples that can easily be manufactured in bulk.

Finally, knowing how much it costs for an Australian wholesale clothing manufacturer to produce your garments is pivotal to a successful store pitch. Any retailer who is going to consider selling your designs is going to ask you for wholesale prices. These wholesale prices are used to calculate retail prices, which are in turn used to make sales projections and help retailers determine whether or not any given product might have a chance of turning a profit.

Bottom line, before you can pitch to retailers and get your clothing ranges on sale in a store, you need to look around to find a factory that can produce your designs satisfactorily.

Introducing the Lux Design Group

If you are in the market for Australian wholesale clothing suppliers, look no further than the Lux Design Group. At Lux, we take great pleasure in helping designers and boutiques take their design concepts. Our clients love seeing their designs make it to store racks, and we love to offer a helping hand.

As both a design firm and an Australian wholesale clothing manufacturer, we can help you with every step of the design and production process. If your designs are ready to go and just need to be produced, we can offer our best-in-class factories to handle the manufacturing. If you need help brainstorming a garment—whether in terms of core design elements or later decisions like fabric types and colours—we can help with that, as well.

One of the great things about choosing the Lux Design Group as your Australian wholesale fashion clothing supplier is our scalability. We can deliver orders in small, medium, and large quantities. You might start with a small, modest garment run, only to find that the demand for your design is quite high once it makes it into stores. If such a scenario should occur, Lux can easily fast track the production of larger quantity orders, to help you and your retailer meet demand.

Are you ready to bring your clothing designs to fruition? If so, call the Lux Design Group today to get started. You can reach us right now on (03) 9826 3517.

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