Why a tailored strategy session is so important?

A small investment that will deliver
tremendous benefits

You have your vision, some experience and the funding needed to launch your label…but are you truly prepared to be a success?

Any successful business person will tell you that strategic brand identity, strategy and planning your marketing is critically important.

A Strategy provides direction, gives you the ability to measure your business objectives, evaluate progress and build a road map to move forward.

Affordably priced at just $399.00 for  ( 1.30 mins ) we will schedule your one on one meeting with an industry consultant.

Be sure to book early as our consultants are in high demand.

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Plan carefully and avoid costly mistakes

Unfortunately, many people fail to plan. If you’re currently working with limited knowledge and guidance, starting a fashion label is a scary and harrowing experience. To be great, you will need to understand and manage the following:

Design / Development | Branding | Logistics | Production | Sourcing Materials | Creating Samples | Manufacturing | Speed to Market | Tech Packs | And more…

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