The importance of choosing ethical clothing and apparel manufacturers

For years, consumers tended to buy clothing based on a mix of personal aesthetic preference, comfort, and current fashion trends. Today, though, more consumers are starting to think about where their clothes are made. There has been more of a focus over the past few years on the working conditions that exist in the manufacturing industry. The clothing and fashion industries are not immune to this scrutiny, and there is a clear movement in the marketplace of consumers who are seeking to ‘buy ethical’ when it comes to shopping for clothing. In short, customers want to know that their clothes are coming from a factory environment where the workers were treated well, paid well, and protected.

At the Lux Design Group, as clothing and apparel manufacturers in Melbourne, we take ethicality very seriously—not just because it is what consumers want, but also because it is simply the right thing to do. In 2013, a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 300 people and leaving others injured. The building was cracked and unstable, and the incident showed how poor the conditions in the clothing manufacturing industry can truly be.

Our Commitment to Safety and Ethicality

When the Lux Design Group opened its doors in Australia and joined Melbourne’s clothing manufacturers we saw it as our responsibility to work only with the most ethical factories and manufacturing plants. We work with retailers and boutiques to design and produce fashionable garment ranges for their stores. To put it simply, if we were to work with unsafe or unethical factories to save money, that
would not only reflect poorly on us but also upon the brands with which we collaborate.

As such, we made it a top priority to establish relationships with the best-in-class factories possible. Every factory that we work with to produce our apparel has been certified with either a WRAP report or a BSCI report. WRAP, which stands for the ‘Waste and Resources Action Programme,’ while the BSCI is the ‘Business Social Compliance Issues.’ WRAP reports are assessments based on international ethical standards while BSCI reports can provide information about factory work conditions, wages and overall human rights issues.

Using these two different types of reports, the Lux Design Group has been able to offer a highly ethical approach to our business. Clients that choose us as their apparel manufacturers in Melbourne can take peace of mind in knowing that we have done our homework to make sure that every stage of our manufacturing process—from design and conceptualisation to production—is ethically sound.


Between ethicality, quality of product and the sheer amount of innovation, our employees share the same vision for the ultimate success for all of our clients. Contact us today to enquire about our services or to schedule a consultation about what we might be able to do for you! You can reach us right now, via email at

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