The benefits of choosing lux design group as your australian clothing and fashion wholesaler

Perhaps your company has designed a new clothing line and you are ready to move on to the production and distribution stages. Or maybe you need help conceptualising a new garment concept before you are ready to finalise the design and send it to market. Either way, the Lux Design Group can help.

Founded years ago with the goals of promoting superior fashion design and saving our clients money and resources, the Lux Design Group has quickly grown in both size and reputation. If you are in the market for an Australian clothing wholesaler, we hope you will consider partnering with our growing and dynamic company.


Choosing Australian clothing wholesalers can be a difficult, multi-faceted a project. There’s so much to consider, from the fashion style of the company in question to the quality and ethical integrity of the factories from which they source their garments. In the midst of all the confusion and verbosity, the Lux Design Group wants to be a more straightforward and transparent option.

With that goal in mind, here are three reasons why you might choose us as your Australian fashion wholesaler:

  1. Superior Speed to Market: Unlike some other Australian clothing wholesalers, the Lux Design Group doesn’t have a huge production queue or a factory backlog. In other words, we are able to get your garments into production quickly, without the painful wait times that you might expect elsewhere. Due to our long-standing factory relationships and expert fashion knowledge, saving time and money for our clients. Indeed, we have tested and measured our processes and systems thousands of times, coming out with a 99% delivery and in-store success rate and a faster speed to market than many of the other wholesalers in the marketplace..
  2. Helpful Expertise: At Lux Design Group, we aren’t just clothing manufacturers. On the contrary, most of our team is made up of fashion industry professionals—people who are familiar with the latest clothing trends not just in Australia, but global trends. Using storyboards, mood boards, fashion prints and a wide selection of colour and fabrics, we can help you conceptualise and produce unique garments that won’t be able to be replicated anywhere else in the marketplace.
  3. Better Factories: Manufacturing work conditions all around the world are often not having high standards —not just in the clothing industry, but also in virtually all other industries. At the Lux Design Group, one of our goals is to be one of the most ethical Australian fashion wholesalers. We have ongoing relationships with some of the best-in-class factories in the industry and pay close attention to reports regarding factory conditions, work wages and other ethical factors.

Check Out Our Work Online!

Are you interested in potentially working with Lux Design Group as your Australian fashion clothing wholesaler? If so, you may wish to see some of our handiwork! Click here for a gallery of our garments, then give us a call on (03) 9826 3517 to enquire about our services.

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