Why You Should Consider Fabrics Before Hiring a Wholesale Fashion Importer for Your Clothing Line

There are a variance of different factors that you need to consider before partnering a wholesale garments importer in Australia for your new retail clothing line. For one thing, you need to find a company with the factory capacity to get your clothes produced in a timely fashion and to handle both small and large orders. Depending on how much of the clothing design process you are choosing to execute in-house, you may also need to find a wholesale clothing importer with fashion knowledge and design experience.

A Note on Fabrics

Before choosing a factory and importer, you will also want to think a bit about the fabrics that you want to use for your garment designs or clothing labels. Natural fibres like cotton, wool, linen, silk or cashmere tend to fetch higher prices and are more comfortable for your consumers. They also last longer and hold their shape and they look and feel better after repeated washings.

Synthetic materials like polyester and acrylic are generally lower in price to produce, but also result in clearly ‘lower-quality’ garments—something you might not want to present with your new clothing label. Keep in mind that customers do pay attention to fabrics and garment quality. A great design only goes so far if the final product isn’t up to a certain standard of quality, so thinking about fabrics before you send your clothing line to production is a smart idea to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and minimizing your risks.

In any case, it’s important to work with wholesale apparel importers in Australia who can make a range of fabrics (and fabric colours) available to you in the first place. Having a manufacturer that offers a flexible range of different fabric options will make it easier to get exactly the style and quality of garment that you want for your store or boutique.

Choosing Lux Design Group as Your Wholesale Fashion Importer

No matter the fabric, colour, or quality demands you have for your wholesale fashion importers and manufacturers, you can count on us to meet them at Lux Design Group.

The Lux Design Group has quickly set itself apart from other wholesale importers or clothing manufacturers because of the care and attention to detail we take when designing or preparing them for production. From helping retailers and boutiques design unique clothing ranges to sourcing the most desirable fabrics to turn a good garment (concept) to a great one, we view fashion creation not as a job, but as an art form.

What does all of this mean for you? It means that Lux Design Group will be an invaluable partner in your quest to create a best-selling clothing line. Finalising designs, choosing colours, sourcing fabrics and selecting dependable factories for manufacturing are all tasks that can be time-consuming and stressful for fashion retailers and boutiques. When you work with Lux Design Group, we handle all of these steps with care and passion. The end results are always top-quality garments and clothing ranges that you can sell under your unique brand or label.

Want to learn more about how we source fabrics at Lux Design Group? Get in touch via email, at Justin.davenport@lux-designgroup.com.au.

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