Struggling with Limited Boutique Resources? Lux Design Group Delivers Wholesale Designer Clothing in Melbourne that’s Both Trendy and Budget-Friendly

You dream of infinite resources – budgets that forever expand, profits that never stumble, and enough time to complete every task with ease. Managing your wholesale boutique clothing store in Melbourne is suddenly a joy. That feeling comes crashing down when you wake, however, and realise that your business still faces the same challenges as the day before.

Lux Design Group appreciates the difficulty of developing a brand with limited resources. This is why we offer wholesale designer clothing in Melbourne that’s effectively, efficiently, and ethically manufactured. Our process accommodates tight deadlines and tighter budgets, helping clients achieve the results they crave. To learn about our production services contact us today.

Lux Design Group: About Us

In 2014, Kathy Grant and Justin Davenport shared a simple idea: to provide wholesale designer clothing for Melbourne boutiques that was both expertly designed and expertly constructed. To do this, they created a team of fashion-forward manufacturers, sales professionals, and more – who now form the Lux Design Group. These individuals work tirelessly to provide clients with superior experiences. They offer custom strategies, proactive solutions, and quick productions.

These elements all prove key to those in need of wholesale designer clothing in Melbourne. Scarce resources require careful planning and flawless executions – which we provide.

Creating Wholesale Boutique Clothing in Melbourne: Our Services

Success is fickle in the retail world, with countless variables working against each profit. You have obligations to fulfil and timelines to adhere to, and this leaves you with few resources to spare. We understand. Let us make the most of your time, your budget, and your vision.

To provide wholesale designer clothing for boutiques, we offer:

One-on-One Briefings

Our team meets with every client, assessing specific branding goals and desires. This allows us to create effective plans, ensuring that all needs are met and no time is wasted.

Access to Exciting Materials and Designs

We travel the world in search of new ideas – which we then implement into wholesale boutique clothing in Melbourne. This spares clients the time (and expense) required for purchasing trips.

Accelerated Productions

We streamline the production process, expediting every garment creation with help from our experienced manufacturing network. This ensures rapid turnarounds, getting stock on the shelves and to the consumers.

Full Stage Inspections

Delivering wholesale designer clothing to Melbourne shops is no simple task. We eliminate budget-consuming concerns, however, through our full stage inspections. We monitor every project with care, helping our clients avoid costly mistakes and miscommunications.

These steps take every retailer on a journey of striking styles and adaptable strategies.

Searching for Wholesale Designer Clothing for Melbourne Boutiques? Contact Us!

Your resources are few. Your options, however, are many – with Lux Design Group delivering quality results for every boutique. To learn more about our services schedule an appointment today:





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