Lux Design Group Strengthens the Bond Between Manufacturers and Wholesale Clothing Distributors in Melbourne by Delivering On-Trend Results.

The world of fashion is ever-changing. Patterns and colours constantly push at its boundaries, creating new roads to explore with every season. You try to map out these possibilities – but too often do you find yourself lost, entering unknown territory with not even a chic torch to guide you. Serving as a wholesale clothing distributor in Melbourne is all too challenging.

Lux Design Group understands your frustration. As a leading clothing manufacturer in Melbourne, we recognise the difficulties in keeping pace with the trends. Global inspirations shift with rapid ease and few boutiques have the time (or the resources) to track them all. Let us do it instead!

Lux Design Group: About Us

The relationship between wholesale clothing distributors in Melbourne and clothing manufacturers in Melbourne is carefully balanced. Since 2014, Lux Design Group has maintained that balance – delivering quality products, rapid responses, and superior service to our clients. We’re committed to both the creation and production processes, and we fuse them with custom strategies. This ensures that every retailer receives the garments they need to stay on-trend and in-the-know.

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Delivering Quality to Wholesale Clothing Distributors in Melbourne: Our Creation Process

Developing a national brand requires international inspiration. As a premier clothing manufacturer in Melbourne, we provide that inspiration – sending our team across the globe in search of the latest fabrics, and patterns. We don’t merely follow the trends. We instead embrace them, adapting our garments to consumer desires.

This proves essential for every wholesale clothing distributor in Melbourne. Boutiques often lack the resources to send their teams overseas. By connecting them to today’s design developments, we spare them the need – offering storyboards, mood boards, print boards, and other options to showcase every trend.

Choosing Clothing Manufacturers in Melbourne: Our Other Services

We don’t simply offer fashion inspiration. We instead offer results, providing wholesale clothing distributors in Melbourne with a series of services:

  • Design and Development.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Ethical Sourcing (WRAP and BSCI certified).
  • Delivery.

We oversee the entire production process, allowing every wholesale clothing distributor in Melbourne to feel confident in every decision. We’re committed to our clients’ success and satisfaction.

Looking for a Clothing Manufacturer in Melbourne? Lux Design Group Brings International Styling to the Local Market.

Fashion is always moving toward new possibilities. Lux Design Group enables our clients to experience these opportunities. We send our team to every country and every catwalk, integrating an international sensibility into every garment. To learn more about our overseas trips – or to enquire about our production services – contact us today:





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