Lux Design Group Partners with Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in Melbourne, Helping Them Express Their Creativity

Calculations define your day – budget woes and production costs, project timelines and invoice compilations. Providing wholesale clothing to Melbourne’s fashionistas has become more science than art form. You devote yourself to juggling comparisons, statistics, and reports… and feel your creative spark dim with every hour. Let Lux Design Group help you reignite it!

As the premier creators of wholesale clothes in Melbourne, we connect boutiques and retailers with the inspiration (and innovation) they need. Our team works tirelessly to transform ideas into realities, and we provide our clients with ways to develop their brands. The logistics of Australia fashion prove impossible to deny. We simply pair them with bold artistry. To learn more, contact us today.

Lux Design Group: About Us

A simple philosophy shapes Lux Design Group: to become the leading wholesale clothing suppliers in Melbourne, delivering exceptional quality and sterling service. Since 2014, our team has kept that promise, helping clients reinvigorate their brands. We tailor custom garments and equally custom strategies, guiding designers through the entire fashion process. This ensures that every step – from storyboarding to manufacturing – proves a success.

Searching for wholesale clothes in Melbourne? Let us provide you with the dynamic patterns, colours, and fabrics you deserve – recapturing your boutique spirit.

Creating Wholesale Clothing in Melbourne: Our Services

Time and money are the true enemies of any clothing empire. Our team now battles them both, providing wholesale clothing suppliers in Melbourne with the support they need. Our services include:

  • Fashion Forecasting (storyboards and mood boards to improve the creation process).
  • Custom Creation (design and development of entire garment lines).
  • Expedited Manufacturing (sourcing from a premier network of manufacturers to ensure quick turnarounds).
  • Ethical Productions (all factories WRAP or BSCI certified).

These elements allow us to oversee the entire inspiration process – from concept to construction to the chic result. We offer wholesale clothing in Melbourne that beautifully showcases your brand. Our commitment to quality defines every stitch.

This proves essential for your growing business. Lux Design Group understands the challenges of the retail market. Resource demands are many, and too often do boutiques struggle to maintain that balance of art and economy. Our inclusive process eliminates that struggle, saving time, money, and frustration. We offer rapid responses and powerful results.

Creating Wholesale Clothing in Melbourne: Our Brands

Curious about our production process? Visit our Brands page. There find images of our latest creations, highlighting the strength of our designs and the value of our work.

Embrace the Art of Fashion. Contact Lux Design Group Today!

It’s all too easy for your creative fires to fizzle, overwhelmed by the day-to-day obligations of running a business. As leading wholesale clothing suppliers in Melbourne, we recognise that our clients need – and deserve – artistic aid. This is why we offer a series of services, turning every idea into a success.

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