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In Melbourne, there are two business owners who know the value of a having a trusted partner to help ensure success. Our owners, Kathy Grant and Justin Davenport, Open a fashion Wholesale company in Melbourne to fill what was missing within Australia across many levels. Fusing backgrounds in business and fashion, the result is the dedicated team of professionals that comprise Lux Design Group. We have successfully fulfilled the need of the fashion industry to have a reliable fashion wholesaler in Melbourne, Australia. Our aspiration remains to become a trusted resource for your business.

Our dedication to creating a company with a welcoming environment fosters our employees’ personal growth and development. This devotion to people and relationships shines through the wonderful work that we do. We invite you to partner with us – let us inspire you to raise the bar for your business, one garment at a time.

Fashion Wholesalers in Melbourne Know the Secret to Timeless Fashion

It has been said that fashion is an ‘art form’ that transcends clothing and provides a distinctive message of one’s ingenuity. A sense of fashion sparks passion for identity and beautifully illustrates the universal attributes of adorning oneself with rich fabrics and décor that extend across time and through cultures. But how does a designer implement the process? How do you take a design from the rendering stage to the end result of having clothing to market? It’s as simple as letting Lux Design Group, experienced Fashion Wholesalers in Melbourne, assist. We will utilise our vast experience in the fashion industry to market your product effectively, taking your ideas and drawings and turning them into unique and marketable merchandise.

Endless Benefits from Melbourne Fashion Wholesalers – Lux Design Group

The advantages of using a wholesale fashion designer like Lux Design Group are many. Some of the benefits of working with our firm include the creation of unique garments that can’t be replicated in the marketplace, and the peace of mind of knowing we use the richest, most desirable fabrics to enhance your label.

Also, we offer the latest designer fashions inspired by runway shows which will satisfy the market’s growing desire for new styles and trends. Since we only partner with ethically sourced factories, we conduct full stage inspections during the production of your line. That means you get quality garments manufactured solely by ethically-sourced factories that we partner with and whose work meets international standards for certification. We stand by our pledge that your finished product will be of superior quality and ethically manufactured.

In keeping with our mission to be a trusted resource in the fashion industry, we strive to provide wholesale services to major retailers and boutiques in Australia and internationally. It is our goal to inspire you to expand your business, and our core values remain integrity, passion, honesty, excellence, accountability and teamwork. Give us a call today and let’s start working on your vision – we look forward to enjoying this journey together.

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