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Are you a fashion industry specialist in Melbourne who aspires to design your own clothing label? Do you have stellar ideas but just can’t seem to transport the clothing design concepts from the drawing board into a line of beautiful clothing to be marketed? Lux Design Group is here to help – let our team of knowledgeable professionals guide you through the design process and bring your dreams of high fashion to fruition.

For the past two years, we have been designing and manufacturing stunning men’s, women’s and children’s fashions for retailers and boutiques. We are a trusted fashion clothing supplier in Melbourne, Australia. With a combined background of business savvy and fashion industry acumen experts, Lux Design Group partners with boutiques and major retailers across Australia, handling the production and delivery of quality clothing items in Melbourne. Our dedicated staff and enthusiastic employees are committed to helping you grow your business. We will work with you from start to finish, and we are proud to act as more than just a fashion supplier in Melbourne – we want to be your partner in the fashion industry.

Why Fashion Suppliers in Melbourne, Australia Love Working with Lux Design Group

For a creative person in the clothing industry, the process of designing and manufacturing a garment line on your own label can be a bit overwhelming. Why not allow Lux Design Group’s team of resourceful specialists handle the aspects of buying, design & production, so you can focus on building your business? Imagine seeing your finished apparel for sale in stores and seeing the colours and designs come in store. That’s exactly the results-orientated approach we take when we partner with you. Working with Lux Design Group is efficient because we save you time, money and your valuable company resources.

From Design to Line, Why Relationships Matter to Clothing Suppliers in Melbourne

At Lux Design Group, we value relationships built on trust and a consistently positive business interaction. Not only do we design, manufacture and distribute unique and stylish men’s, ladies and children’s garments, we also work to sustain long-term relationships. For example, we have had extensive associations with many of the factories we use – that’s good business.

Part of our promise to you is that we remain engaged with all aspects of your project and available as a resource throughout the process. You can count on us to support you from the beginning stages of design and renderings to the end when you can see your own label of clothing being sold on the floor. Also, our directors and senior employees have a very strong sales background and will work with you to effectively market and strategize placement of your garments.

Let us show you how to make your company profitable in a short amount of time. Contact us via email on or phone us on (03) 9826 3517 so we can get started today. Isn’t it time you catapulted your fashion visions into a reality?

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