Fashion Strategy Session.

As you might imagine, people today will judge your fashion label by its quality, value and brand identity. In fact, the visual appearance and emotional belief of your clothing and your brand, needs decisive strategic planning, so your label and brand leaves a lasting impression on your customers and how they view your business.

Why a Fashion Strategy session is so Important?

A small Investment that will deliver tremendous benefits

You have your vision, some experience and the funding needed to launch your label…but are you truly prepared to be a success?

Any successful business person will tell you that strategic brand identity, strategy and planning your marketing is critically important.

A Strategy provides direction, gives you the ability to measure your business objectives, evaluate progress and build a roadmap to move forward.

Affordably priced at just $299 we will schedule your one on one meeting with an industry consultant.

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Plan Carefully and Avoid Costly Mistakes

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

Unfortunately, many people fail to plan…You are better than that. If you’re currently working with limited knowledge and guidance, starting a fashion label is a scary and harrowing experience. To be awesome, you will need to understand and manage the following:

Design | Branding | Logistics | Production | Sourcing Materials | Creating Samples | Developing a Website | Manufacturing | Speed to Market | Tech Packs | Accounting Practices | And more…

Lux Design Group has decades of industry experience and works with Australia’s leading retailers and is successfully selling clothing in 140 stores throughout Australia and the US.

How to Avoid Unforeseeable Events

Professional Expertise and a Proven Track Record

Get the facts you need to know when making important decisions! Our strategy meetings provide One on One advice from industry experts, so you can develop a roadmap based your business goals.

Our Strategy meetings consist of one and half hours of discussions and are designed for small start-ups wanting to launch their own label, or established businesses with industry experience who want to take their designs and products to the next level.

From concept design to stock lines in stores, you will learn how to fast track your business with facts and key steps needed to create a strategy to exceed your customers’ expectations.

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