Lux Design Group Emphasises Quality Wholesaler Clothing Experiences in Melbourne

It’s a series of crooked stitches and cheap fabrics. Hastily tailored tops are strewn across the room, each examined and found wanting – with their designs far from perfect and their executions even worse. You trusted a clothing wholesaler in Melbourne to turn your visions into realities. This, however, resembles a fashion nightmare.

Lux Design Group sympathises. We also offer an alternative, connecting retailers to quality wholesaler clothing in Melbourne. We stress professionalism, precision, and high production values – ensuring that every garment meets the expectations of our client. Let us provide you with the results you deserve. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Lux Design Group: About Us

The creation of wholesalers clothing in Melbourne demands exceptional care. Lux Design Group offers that care. Since 2014, we’ve helped brands develop, manufacture, and sell custom pieces. Our team – led by founders Kathy Grant and Justin Davenport – strives to provide men’s, women’s, and children’s’ garments. They painstakingly craft each piece, transitioning from storyboards to the factory floor.

This all-inclusive service allows us to ensure premium results, with our team overseeing every step of the process. Our clothing wholesalers in Melbourne promise positive experiences for every client.

Choosing a Reputable Clothing Wholesaler in Melbourne: Our Services

There are many clothing wholesalers in Melbourne. To distinguish ourselves from them, Lux Design Group chooses to deliver more than fabrics. We also embrace quality. To ensure the success of every project we offer:

Dedicated Manufacturing Network

To expedite the creation of wholesalers clothing in Melbourne, we provide our clients with a carefully chosen network of manufacturers. Every factory boasts talented teams and advantageous technologies, allowing for quick production times.

Ethical Sourcing

Our wholesaler clothing in Melbourne is ethically sourced, with every factory boasting WRAP or BSCI certifications. This provides high standards for every project.

Full Stage Inspections

The responsibility of a clothing wholesaler in Melbourne is to ensure the quality of every garment. We accept this responsibility, offering our clients full-stage inspections and examining every stitch. This promotes both efficiency and strong designs.

Through our production process, we create wholesaler clothing in Melbourne that reflects our clients’ branding strategies, consumer expectations, and retail needs. To learn more, contact us today.

Choosing Clothing Wholesalers in Melbourne: The International Experience

We offer impeccable productions. We know, however, that our clients also need inspirational designs – and this is why we scour the world for emerging trends, finding dynamic options for every brand. Let us provide you with the fabrics, silhouettes, and patterns you need to reinvigorate your brand. Ask us about our latest overseas trips! ?

Discover the Value of Quality Wholesalers Clothing in Melbourne. Contact Lux Design Group Today!

Style is our cornerstone – and a seamless production is our promise. To learn more about our manufacturing process (including our full stage inspection policy) contact us today via email ( or phone 03-9826-3517.

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