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Wholesale Clothing and Garment Manufacturers Create On Trend Designs for Melbourne

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Lux Design Group Strengthens the Bond Between Manufacturers and Wholesale Clothing Distributors in Melbourne by Delivering On-Trend Results.

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The Importance of Choosing Ethical Clothing and Apparel Manufacturers in Melbourne

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The Benefits of Choosing the Lux Design Group as Your Australian Clothing and Fashion Wholesaler

Perhaps your company has designed a brand new clothing line and you are ready to move on to the production and distribution stages. Or maybe you need help conceptualising a new garment concept before you are ready to finalise the design …READ MORE.


Attention Entrepreneurs: Launch Your Fashion Company with the Help of an Australian Wholesale Clothing Supplier and Distribution Company

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Lux Design Group Emphasises Quality Wholesaler Clothing Experiences in Melbourne

It’s a series of crooked stitches and cheap fabrics. Hastily tailored tops are strewn across the room, each examined and found wanting – with their designs far from perfect and their executions even worse. You trusted a clothing wholesaler …READ MORE.


Lux Design Group – Inspiring Melbourne Fashion and Clothing Suppliers

Are you a fashion industry specialist in Melbourne who aspires to design your own clothing label? Do you have stellar ideas but just can’t seem to transport the clothing design concepts from the drawing board into a line of beautiful clothing …READ MORE.


Fashion Wholesalers Design Clothing for Melbourne

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Stay on Trend with Your Clothing Line: Hire Lux Design Group as Your Patternmaker in Melbourne

When we first conceived the idea for the Lux Design Group a few years ago, one of our top goals was to be a vital partner that major retailers and boutiques throughout Australia could count on to design and manufacture top-quality clothing …READ MORE.


Lux Design Group Partners with Wholesale Clothing Suppliers in Melbourne, Helping Them Express Their Creativity

Calculations define your day – budget woes and production costs, project timelines and invoice compilations. Providing wholesale clothing to Melbourne’s fashionistas has become more science than art form. You devote yourself to …READ MORE.


Struggling with Limited Boutique Resources? Lux Design Group Delivers Wholesale Designer Clothing in Melbourne that’s Both Trendy and Budget-Friendly

You dream of infinite resources – budgets that forever expand, profits that never stumble, and enough time to complete every task with ease. Managing your wholesale boutique clothing store in Melbourne is suddenly a joy. That feeling …READ MORE.


Need to Adapt to the Changing Boutique Fashion Market? Lux Design Group Serves as a Premier Wholesale Clothing Creator for Women

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Why You Should Consider Fabrics Before Hiring a Wholesale Fashion Importer for Your Clothing Line

There are a slew of different factors that you need to consider before hiring a wholesale fashion importer for your new retail clothing line. For one thing, you need to find a company with the factory capacity to get your clothes produced in …READ MORE.


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