Wholesale Clothing in Australia

Wholesale Clothing for Kids, Ladies & Menswear in Melbourne, Australia

When you work with Lux Design Group you will see and feel a point of difference

Lux Design Group provides the Retail Fashion Industry with innovative design and product delivery expertise, saving you time, saving you money and transforming your business workflow into one easy to manage, effortless process.

Lux Design Group is a leader in fashion design through-out Australia.  We’re hungry for knowledge…always focused on the world’s leading cities for fashion design and the next wave of influence.  We supply wholesale clothing for kids, ladies and menswear in Australia.  We also supply knits and woven fabrics to many retailers throughout Australia.

Lux Design Group is at the forefront of innovation and excellence.   Lux has their own in-house brand Gysette and supplies to many Australian retailers.  The ever changing and diverse fashion design market place drives our strategic positioning to provide a fashion showcase of the finest.

With the emergence of new international fashion labels coming onto the market, our industry is becoming more and more competitive and it is increasingly difficult to satisfy both customers’ expectations and your business obligations.

Our vision

The story of Lux Design Group was born from an understanding that Australian fashion retailers, require a greater choice of premium products and services. Our long standing reputation for innovative ideas and industry knowledge has provided an outstanding opportunity to partner together and realise a common goal.

One Stop Management Solution

Why work with Lux Design Group?  Because we understand that getting the finest and most carefully selected collection of top selling garments for the best price is paramount.  If you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to arrive, you don’t have to wait any longer!  Our objective is to improve and successfully transform your design and production processes with a One Stop Management Solution.     Let’s talk. Call us Today.

Focus on objectives that matter!

Our concept is easy!  We simplify and manage the design and production process, then deliver to you, the finest collection of garments sourced from our carefully chosen suppliers from around the globe.  Lux Design Group are at the forefront of innovative fashion design and leaders in today’s fast moving ever changing retail fashion industry.

Save on business costs and streamline your workflow.

Think of it? A One Stop Management Solution for all your Wholesale Fashion, Production and Design capabilities under one roof.   Discover how easy it is to gain access to a world of innovative, premium fashion design with an exceptionally high sell rate.  You will have access to the latest and most convenient way to transform your business operations; from design to delivery, save time, money and look forward to simplifying your garment ordering process.

Dealing directly with a Wholesale Fashion Production and Design Team is the most intelligent and convenient way to outsource your workflow.  We will never compromise on our high level of service and we will keep you updated through every step of the production process.

What’s the next step?  Let’s talk. Call us Today.

Benefit directly from the Fashion Industry Experts.

Our proven expertise, helps reduce business costs and improve your workflow on time every time.   Our management solution includes:

  • Fashion Design
  • Fashion Forecasting
  • Development
  • Sourcing Internationally
  • Manufacturing
  • Scheduled Production Calendar
  • Logistics


Justin Davenport   – Managing Director

Justin has a real passion for the fashion industry and the foreseer of the changing landscape within the industry. Justin and Kathy joined forces to make a real difference across the fashion import / wholesale industry.

Justin comes from 20 years in sales, management & strategy and loves working with clients that require assistance in their business. He enjoys dissolving what could be a complex situation and working out a strategy that will streamline the process for the client and their business.

Our services and products are forever evolving as we want the best solutions and service for our customers and their apparel needs. We strive to create that special experience for our customers and we see ourselves as an extension of our customer’s business.

Kathy Grant  – Co-Founder

Kathy has 25 years of fashion industry experience and has a reputable name in the industry across many of the major retailers in Australia. She lives and breathes fashion and is living her dream in creating a business that can create a positive impact to whom we deal with.

Kathy is a problem solver and she will make it easy for you to deliver and have a product that stands out from the crowd. Kathy can solve your issues and create a clear path for producing your garments.

She will guide you through Production, Design, forecasting, Development, Manufacturing & Logistics. We will adapt to what is required from our extended team to deliver you outstanding results.

Our Core Values


It’s our culture, our company blueprint


We represent and love what we do each day


We are open and personalised in our approach


On every level across our business


We won’t stop until we get the best result


Working together in unity for the best possible outcome

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