Fashion Wholesale Clothing Developer in Australia

Strategic Wholesale Clothing Developer for Ladies, Kids & Menswear in Melbourne, Australia.

When you work with Lux Design Group you will see and feel a point of difference. Why are we different? We know that we provide our clients incredible service with fast turn around times, we are quick to respond and shift gears when required and we are there for our customers when they need us, our team have laser focus on your project at all times. We supply and develop wholesale clothing for ladies, kids and menswear in Australia.  We also supply knits and woven fabrics to many retailers throughout Australia and Internationally.

Our past performances predicts our future with statistics showcasing we have successfully executed 95% to 98% on time delivery rate to store across all of our accounts year on year.

Not to mention the great sell through rates across the retail stores are fantastic. The Lux team get so excited when they have developed a best seller for the retailers, that is why we love what we do are driven by results.

We will not promise you something if we can not deliver. How do we execute on our high standards?, we have the best teams in the fashion industry to develop and deliver the best results for our customers across the globe.

Lux Design Group provides the Retail Fashion Industry with innovative design and product delivery expertise, saving you time, money and company resources; transforming your business workflow into one easy to manage, effortless process. We don’t have to tell you how competitive the fashion landscape is you already know this. Utilising the Lux team and our range of skill sets can assist you with your goals and company objectives.

Our vision

To inspire through creation and illuminate Lux Design Group through world class experience.

If you have highlighted any of the below issues in your retail business it might be a good opportunity to reach out to our team of experts and discuss how we can assist you.

  • Is your company not returning the best ROI due to poor production methods and processes ?
  • Are your operational costs to high and ultimately hurting the outcome of you not developing standout garments ?
  • Is your team feeling that they need help across the production and development process ?
  • Are you losing money and market share because your garments look to simular to what is in the marketplace already, what is your USP ?
  • Are you losing valuable time due to poor delivery rates to store ?
  • Are you lost in the direction of your brand ?

What’s the next step?  Let’s talk. Call us Today.

Benefit directly from the Fashion Industry Experts.

  • Fashion Design across Women’s, Men’s & Childrenswear.
  • Fashion Forecasting; Mood / Trend Boards & Global Trend Reporting.
  • Development across knit & woven garments; Tops, Dresses, Shirts, Jackets, Pants, Shorts.
  • Sourcing Internationally
  • Manufacturing
  • Scheduled Production Calendars
  • Logistics
  • Consulting

Justin Davenport   – Managing Director

Justin has a real passion for the fashion industry and the foreseer of the changing landscape within the industry. Justin and Kathy joined forces to make a real difference across the fashion import / wholesale industry.

Justin comes from 20 years in sales, management & strategy and loves working with clients that require assistance in their business. He enjoys dissolving what could be a complex situation and working out a strategy that will streamline the process for the client and their business.

Our services and products are forever evolving as we want the best solutions and service for our customers and their apparel needs. We strive to create that special experience for our customers and we see ourselves as an extension of our customer’s business.

Kathy Grant  – Co-Founder

Kathy has 25 years of fashion industry experience and has a reputable name in the industry across many of the major retailers in Australia. She lives and breathes fashion and is living her dream in creating a business that can create a positive impact to whom we deal with.

Kathy is a problem solver and she will make it easy for you to deliver and have a product that stands out from the crowd. Kathy can solve your issues and create a clear path for producing your garments.

She will guide you through Production, Design, forecasting, Development, Manufacturing & Logistics. We will adapt to what is required from our extended team to deliver you outstanding results.

  Our Core Values


It’s our culture, our company blueprint


The customer is at the center of our business


Taking action for positive change


Working as one to deliver outstanding results


We take ownership in all we do


Driven by new ideas & methods


We plan, strive and execute to make it happen

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